Home Office – Working From Home

A Harwyn is the ideal solution for your home office. When working from home, you need a workspace that is as smart as you. Everything is at your fingertips because our architects have carefully considered a stunning custom home office pod design to suit you.

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A Harwyn allows you to work from home while staying in touch with your distributed teams and clients. Physically your home and backyard office may sit next to each other but thanks to our intuitive design, they are worlds apart.

Here’s why a Harwyn pod is a great move for your home office.

  • Professional business environment
  • Tailored design to suit your needs
  • Better work life balance
  • More cost effective than renting office space
  • Maximum home office productivity
  • No wasted commuting time
  • No background of house activities while video confrencing
  • No fuss installation


Contact us now so that you can be working from your Harwyn home office today.