TV – Channel 9 Mornings looks at Backyard Pods

Harwyn was on TV again with a discussion about backyard pods on September 2nd. Our sleek and stylish pods were the centre of attention on this segment looking at the value and benefits of a backyard pod.



About the Mornings Show

Sonia Kruger – one of Australia’s most recognised faces and  the multi talented David Campbell get together on air every morning to deliver all the day’s news, entertainment and current affairs.

Harwyn backyard pods as discussed on the show

Greg Moulton – Real Estate expert joined Sonia Kruger and David Campbell on The Channel 9 Mornings program to discuss the versatility of backyard pods. Sonia and David along with their resident expert discuss what a fantastic addition a pod can be to your backyard or property while adding value and creating a great point of difference.

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