This Is Working From Home

You can have the best of both worlds when you can separate your home from your home office at the one address.

There are enormous advantages working from home, but as Professor Robert Kelly discovered during a live BBC interview, also some challenges.

Harwyn offers a solution to separate your work/study space from your living space. With your own private space in your backyard, your calls and video conferences will no longer be interrupted. Likewise students can have a quiet space for zoom teaching and learning.

Contact the Harwyn team today to see how easy it is to have a stylish, professional, acoustically treated home office dropped into your backyard.

The Harwyn Office will keep you organised, on task and ensure that nothing personal or inappropriate is in the background while you conduct yourself professionally. Watch the video below and see if you can spot anything out of place in this video conference call being conducted inside the home.

Visit the Harwyn Gallery Page to help you choose a colour that is right for your home office.

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