The Harwyn story – a history of achievements

Harwyn’s history is dotted with milestones worthy of reflection. With the first quarter of the year nearly gone, it’s a good time to look back at our proudest moments to date.

Harwyn glow

From the beginning

Since the concept of the Harwyn came to Managing Director Jason Fremder while working in the back seat of his car, many goals have been ticked off. We’re chuffed to say everything has grown, including our…

Client base

We’re proudly building a loyal customer base, and are prouder that our pods are providing a dynamic and versatile place to work. Wherever our clients knuckle down – in backyards, courtyards and even on rooftops­ – the Harwyn provides a calm, professional space conducive to productivity.

Proudest moments

From taking the concept of the Harwyn pod and bringing it to market in such a short time, we’ve be notching up achievements ever since. One example is when a client invited us to their property for the first time to show us the location for their dream home office studio. A month later, and two days before Christmas, they were working from their very own Harwyn in that exact location!

Industry recognition

Harwyn was recently long-listed under the ‘Specialist: Small Spaces’ category at the 2015 World Architecture News Awards. The process required us to detail how our pods stand at the forefront of small space innovation, and how their adaptability offers a unique and desirable alternative to the traditional home office. We were compelled to enter and share our story with the judges, and needless to say, we are very pleased to have been included in the long-list. Here’s to harnessing small spaces for the better to realise your vision of a multi-purpose home office in 2015 and beyond! Contact Harwyn today to visit our showroom.

Online – Smarter

Smarter is a website that promotes savvy business ideas, offering advice and insight to encourage the success of small business owners. Smarter profiled Harwyn to demonstrate how our pods think outside the box when it comes to using the home office. We shared our top business tips and learnings that we've formed along the way. Read the article on Smarter. Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 12.24.29 pm      

Working from home

Swap the daily commuter grind for a beautifully appointed Harwyn and step into a more productive, more creative and more enjoyable working life. It’s the ultimate home office – and so much more. Home office Many of us have considered working from home more often. As we sit in our cars inching forward in traffic, or on a crowded train, it seems a positively blissful option. So why aren’t more of us trading the office for a dedicated home office?

Great expectations

In part, the continuing tradition of going to work is due to expectations. We put that expectation on ourselves, and our bosses and colleagues in turn anticipate seeing us there. We convince ourselves that our physical presence in an office building confers wonderful, indefinable benefits to ourselves, our employers and all mankind. But if we were aware of how much time we were wasting, would more of us start working from home?

Working from home: worker benefits

A 45-minute commute each way – not implausible for today’s workers – is equivalent to 24 days per year. Working from home in a Harwyn could save commuters a full working month. How much more could you achieve if you were given an extra month a year? Eliminating the commute has been shown to reduce stress, improve health, and (for the environmentally conscious) lower your carbon footprint. More time at home goes hand in hand with spending more time around your loved ones, and freeing up time for doing the things you enjoy. Maximise your work. Maximise your play.

What about for employers?

Corporate UseWell, having employees working from home is good for them too. Studies show that it all comes down to productivity, with home-workers experiencing fewer distractions and increased job satisfaction. Better productivity partly comes from employees spending longer actually working, taking fewer breaks and taking less sick leave. It also comes from employees putting in extra unpaid hours – indeed, it seems that when most people win back a few hours a day by removing the commute, they’re willing to use it on work tasks.

The way of the future?

It might not be for everyone but for many people, working from home is a perfectly realistic future with clear, tangible benefits, and few drawbacks. With all the conveniences of modern technology and the superb craftsmanship that we provide, it is entirely possible to do most white-collar tasks from the comfort of your own Harwyn home office studio. And of course, it’s not an either/or situation. It’s perfectly possible to work from home some days, and yet still go into the office when you need to. Every time you avoid the commute, it’s an extra few minutes in your pocket. Whether you spend those few minutes furthering your career, coming up with the next big thing, or simply staring at the sunset with someone you love, that time is a gift that a Harwyn pod can provide.            

Why we choose Tretford carpets

When it comes right down to it, details matter. Especially in a home office space you’re going to be spending 40+ hours a week in. That’s why, when the Harwyn designers scoured the world for flooring options, we kept coming back to one – Tretford.

From the ground up

Every line, every shape, every colour and every texture should make it easier for you to work, because if you’re uncomfortable in your workspace, you’ll be looking for excuses to leave. Tretford carpet has been manufactured in Ireland for the past forty years and comes standard in all Luxury model Harwyn pods. They produce a line of carpet made from natural, high-grade cashmere goat hair, sustainably and responsibly sourced. The carpeting naturally insulates for heat and sound, and the breathable fibers acts as a filter; proven to actually reduce allergens and dust in the air.

Eco-friendly by design

Tretford carpetThe environmental commitment Tretford stands by, in terms of how and why they make the design choices they do, make them a company and product we’re proud to support and promote. Their carpet is made using a special PVC fusion-bonding process that produces no waste and uses no water. In addition, it’s free from harmful chemicals, and their carpet is non-carcinogenic, non-oestrogenic, and non-bioaccumulative.

Choices choices choices

We would have been sold on the technical specs and benefits alone, but it turns out Tretford carpet is also beautifully textured and available in 48 colours – from Lipstick to Lettuce Leaf, Orange Squash to Double Cream – expanding your options for a fully custom Harwyn office space. Tretford has a reputation for quality and their carpeting is surprisingly soft but durable. In fact, the offices at Apple, Google, Facebook and SAP have all installed Tretford products in their buildings. We take those endorsements pretty seriously at Harwyn! Contact us or visit our showroom today to learn more.

Harwyn showroom

Home office lighting

Thanks to the versatile lighting system in every Harwyn pod, you can avoid eye strain and have a home office that really shines.

Protecting your vision

Good lighting is absolutely essential to creating a usable home office space. When you’re spending hours on end reading or writing, whether on screen or paper, proper light is essential – anything less is a danger to your vision and detrimental to your productivity. Eye strain causes blurred vision, dry, red eyes, and headaches. Ignoring this critical factor in a home office is a mistake that will make it harder for you to work comfortably. Bad lighting also contributes to bad posture, stiff neck and backaches. Think about it; you’re hunching over your desk trying to see the screen – of course your back will hurt!

Harwyn – the perfect balance

Poor lighting in the home office space is double edged: too much light, and not enough. When you’re looking at a screen, you need to reduce the ambient light in a room. The carefully considered blind system in our pods will be a life-saver during those long hours of returning emails and writing reports. The versatile lighting system in Harwyn pods make them the ideal home office space – whether you’re writing on a computer all day and need lower ambient light, or meeting with clients and prefer a bright, naturally lit space.The bright and stylish LED architectural strip lighting we’ve included as standard across the Harwyn range is just one more detail that ensures you’re creating or recreating in a comfortable, well-lit space. When you’re reading small text in low light, you need bright enough light to avoid eye strain. In addition to the abundance of natural light the Harwyn allows for, Harwyn home office pods all come standard with LED strip lighting in an architectural extrusion. Our German-made lighting provides high functionality with surprisingly low power consumption. Contact us to learn more.