The Harwyn story – a history of achievements

Harwyn’s history is dotted with milestones worthy of reflection. With the first quarter of the year nearly gone, it’s a good time to look back at our proudest moments to date.

Harwyn glow

From the beginning

Since the concept of the Harwyn came to Managing Director Jason Fremder while working in the back seat of his car, many goals have been ticked off. We’re chuffed to say everything has grown, including our…

Client base

We’re proudly building a loyal customer base, and are prouder that our pods are providing a dynamic and versatile place to work. Wherever our clients knuckle down – in backyards, courtyards and even on rooftops­ – the Harwyn provides a calm, professional space conducive to productivity.

Proudest moments

From taking the concept of the Harwyn pod and bringing it to market in such a short time, we’ve be notching up achievements ever since. One example is when a client invited us to their property for the first time to show us the location for their dream home office studio. A month later, and two days before Christmas, they were working from their very own Harwyn in that exact location!

Industry recognition

Harwyn was recently long-listed under the ‘Specialist: Small Spaces’ category at the 2015 World Architecture News Awards. The process required us to detail how our pods stand at the forefront of small space innovation, and how their adaptability offers a unique and desirable alternative to the traditional home office. We were compelled to enter and share our story with the judges, and needless to say, we are very pleased to have been included in the long-list.

Here’s to harnessing small spaces for the better to realise your vision of a multi-purpose home office in 2015 and beyond!

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Customise your Harwyn

Selecting a Harwyn pod comes down to knowing what you’d like to achieve with your new-found space. Ask yourself how you’d like to use the space, and how it could best work for you.

Optimising the space

Is your Harwyn a place to knuckle down and let you inner Einstein thrive? Do you want a place to crank the guitar, or a room for the kids to do some quiet study in? Maybe you’re simply after a haven to retreat to in the backyard, free from the noise and demands of everyday life?

Whenever you use your Harwyn for ­­work, play or study, there is a way to optimise your pod to reflect your work/life goals.

Customising your pod

You’ve decided what you’d like from your pod, now what? It’s time to go about making it your own. Harwyn offers a range of features to make your time inside comfortable and serene. Features include:


With a range of four different sizes, the Harwyn Mono, Duo, Maxi or Super Maxi provide different environments to suit your needs.

Insulation (thermal control)

From summer through winter, the Harwyn’s interior always remains the optimal temperature, with minimal energy consumption. 

Sound insulation

The Harwyn’s closed cell construction insulation means your time in the pod is free from distracting outside noise.


The Harwyn comes fully installed with lights and electricity, meaning you can get straight down to business as soon as installation is complete.

Desk and Cabinetry

The option of having a bespoke desk and cabinets gives you maximum work and storage space. Beautifully crafted, these elements will enhance your time in the pod.

Colour and ACM (Aluminium Composite Material)

ACM guarantees that your Harwyn can withstand the elements, with minimal maintenance. No matter how long you’ve had your Harwyn, it will always look great.

The fun part comes in choosing the colour, be it a solid colour, two colours, a metallic or transitional colour.

Selecting your pod

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to use your Harwyn for, visit our showroom and we can talk you through any questions you have.

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