Lease funding is available to all Australian Government and Independent schools.

Is your school in need of a Specialist Teaching Space for any of the following purposes?maxi

  • Music Studio
  • Staff Room
  • After School Care Space
  • Private Tutoring Space
  • Inclusive Space
  • Sensory Space
  • Counseling Room
  • Collaborative Space

Why leasing is the smart choice

  • Helps you stretch the School’s equipment budget further
  • Maximise the Harwyn Pod usage and budget value with better end of lease outcomes
  • Release funds for other urgent school needs

Why rent to keep?

  • Your schools get to continue to use the Harwyn pod for free at the end of the lease term. Its yours to keep forever.
  • No need to give written notice of your intent at the end, so no risk of additional fees.
  • Structuring of the agreement as a rental/operating lease, not a ‘hire purchae’ or ‘finance lease’ agreement.

Harwyn can help you learn how your school is easily able to structure a solution for the supply and installation of a Specialist Teaching Space to suit the particular needs of your school.

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