The Professional Range

This is the latest range from Harwyn and these first offerings are purpose designed home-office solutions constructed from Australian materials. If you are Working From Home and want to learn more, jump straight HERE. Born out of the Harwyn design house by Selwyn Blackstone Architect with 50 years experience, these Home Office Pods offer the perfect blend of luxury and affordability and are quickly becoming our most sought after range for working from home professionals. All Harwyn Pods are fully manufactured in our Melbourne factory and delivered to your site complete with installation usually taking less than 1 hour.

The Harwyn Professional-i

The Perfect Home Office - 2.2m W x 2.2m L The Harwyn Professional-i is a luxurious and comfortable sanctuary for working from home. The feeling of space is exaggerated as you are surrounded on 3 sides by floor to ceiling glass keeping you connected to the outdoors in these garden offices.

The Harwyn Professional-ii

The Ultimate Home Office - 3.7m W x 2.6m L The Harwyn Professional-ii is the ultimate garden home office. There is ample room to set up 2 separate workstation within the pod. To learn more about the Working From Home range, jump straight to HERE. Contact us to learn more about the Harwyn range