Prefabricated homes or ‘prefab homes’ are becoming more sophisticated as designers around the world are grasping the endless possibilities and benefits of prefabricated construction. They present an alternative to traditional construction methods and use off-site manufacturing techniques to create efficient homes.

Prefabricated homes are built faster and often a down to the millimeter precision that can not be attained when building on site. This style of building in line with the Harwyn approach of prefabricated construction.

Architecturally designed prefabricated homes are a modern take on some less inspiring iterations of the past. The following prefabricated homes are projects that are sure to please and inspire you with their aesthetically pleasing designs.

Arkitekthus Prefab Homes in Sweden

Arkitekthus is a company based in Stockholm, Sweden who build and sell contemporary prefab homes designed by a collection of Swedish architects.  Their goal is to bring good design to a larger market that otherwise could not afford an architect designed home.

All the houses are sold at fixed prices and can be obtained in two different designs schemes, modern and classic, with a few carefully selected options. They currently offer 11 home designs from four different architects, such as the home below which was designed by Gert Wingardh.

TIND HOUSE by Claesson Koivisto Rune

The Tind House is a prefab house designed in Sweden. The ultra modern style highlights that good design is a result of execution excellence. Nothing drab about these Scandinavian spaces. Let the images below do the talking!

Proto Prefabricated Homes

This company takes the approach of manufacturing precise components and a detailed set of plans and hand off assembly instructions to installers. In their own words: “similar to a Lego set, we provide integrated and smart components with easy-to-follow instructions.”

Proto Homes has cleverly designed all their prefabricated homes around what they call the “Proto Core” which acts as the brains of the house housing heating, cooling, electrical, water, gas, communications and all other services in a central riser that the rest of the house plugs in around. This allows for an easy to access central location riser for the house similar to a riser in a commercial building.

Riko by Philippe Starck

The designer Philippe Starck’s mission is to simple make life better for the largest number of people. And with Riko prefabricated homes, he appears to have done just that. The homes offer a number of design tweaks that the user can chose from. At present there are 34 models of houses to choose from.

The designs are timeless, the finish materials are of the highest quality and the engineering is precise. This is another peak into what the future of construction looks like with a factory built home being delivered to site and keys handed over within 24 weeks of signing contracts.

Cabin One – A small footprint

This is a German company taking on prefabricated housing so you know everything about this is going to be precise.  As the name suggests, these units are designed in the style of a cabin so the unit is compact and fits many elements on a tight footprint. The unit is 3.43m W x 10m Long and can incorporate a bunk bed, kitchen, toilet, skylight and all delivered complete and ready to be enjoyed.  

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