Harwyn X

The Harwyn X is part of the multi award winning Harwyn Super Structure prefabricated range. Architecturally designed, engineered and built in Australia, these are the ultimate spaces. The Harwyn X is made up of moduels that have flexibility. Each individual module is up to 3.4m W x 12m L and can be joint together to form larger structures. See examples belowFor pricing details contact us.

The image below is of a Harwyn X-2 is made up of 2 modules and forms a total footprint of 6.3m W x 10.3m L

Harwyns are small prefabricated buildings that feel big. The choice of slightly reflective materials, an abundance of windows at viewing height and a floor to ceiling glass door positions you comfortably inside, while creating a feeling of attachment to the world outside.

This image below is of a Harwyn X-8 is made up of 8 modules and forms a total footprint of 51.2m W x 10.3m L

Standard inclusions in base price of the Harwyn X prefabricated buildings are:

  • Fully Australian designed, engineered, certified and built
  • Combination of Australian, European, Japanese and German build materials
  • Permanent structure that has the ability to be easily relocated
  • High levels of thermal and acoustic insulation built into system
  • Commercial sliding doors and full wall of glass on entrance
  • Commercial fixed and awning window sets
  • Fully transportable and easily relocatable
  • Full electrics
  • Suitable for all climate zones Australia wide
  • PIR insulation
  • Architectural LED lighting system
  • Climate control system
  • Internal Siberian Birch ply finish
  • Tretford Carpet
  • Bespoke cabinet and desk system (optional)
  • Custom cover for A/C condenser unit
  • Low E Glass, double glazing and hush glass
  • Site preparation (including heavy sloping sites)
  • Delivery and installation

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The image below is of a Harwyn X-5 is made up of 5 modules and forms a total footprint of 32m W x 10.3m L