Reclaim the home office

Work and family. It’s an ever-delicate balance that must be maintained; especially if you’re working from a home office.

home office

Ask yourself, are you really concentrating on that client email when your daughter is sprawled out on your office floor, watching Spongebob on your iPad? Do you ever find yourself huddled in the corner of your bedroom with your laptop and mobile, trying to make a call, while your kids are playing a raucous game of Duck, Duck, Goose upstairs? A Harwyn home office pod allows you to find the perfect work life balance.

Reality bites

Often the reality of working from home is not what you imagined. You probably thought working from home would be the ideal solution to the hour-long commute in gridlock traffic. Perhaps you convinced your boss you’d be more productive in a comfortable, familiar environment, working autonomously, rather than punching a clock and sitting in an impersonal office cubicle.

Maybe you imagined self-employment would give you the flexibility to be available for your family while still advancing your career. In the end, you’ll be a better parent and a better business person if you can successfully separate work life and home life while working from home. You need a dedicated, peaceful and tailored workspace to be productive at home.

Get the space you need

Harwyn home office pods give you the space and mental distance for your productivity and creativity to thrive, with the same convenience and flexibility that comes with working from home.

Home office viewImagine your own architect-designed standalone office, right in your own backyard. Your work doesn’t invade your home, and with our high quality insulation, you can work distraction free, no matter what the kids are up to.

We created Harwyn Designer Pods with the family-minded entrepreneur in-mind, crafting every corner, down to every detail, to give you a comfortable, inviting, ergonomic and efficient workspace that looks good in any setting. Plus, with our flexible pricing options owning a Harwyn is easier than you might imagine.

Contact the friendly Harwyn team today or visit our showroom and see how a Harwyn can help you set those essential boundaries that all work-at-home parents need, while setting you up for professional success.