A outdoor garden studio that shines

An architecturally designed Harwyn garden studio gives you a dedicated outdoor standalone space to maximise your productivity at home.

Garden Studio

For most of us who bring work home, the ‘garden studio’ conjures up images of dining tables piled with files. Or the typical home office that gets repurposed to a guest room every time your parents are in town.

Maybe your work has spilled into every corner of your home, covering your fridge with Post-It notes, and your bedside table with folders.

Garden Studio

Bottom line: For most professionals needing to squeeze a few additional work hours into their days, it’s hard to tell where your garen studio ends and home begins. And that blurred line leads to lower productivity and more stress.

If you’re serious enough about work that you’re bringing it home, then it’s time to get serious about your garden studio space. It’s time for an outdoor Harwyn pod.

Garden Studio

Think inside the box

A Harwyn Designer Pod is the ideal outdoor garden studio. Custom built and professionally installed, typically within a day, your Harwyn pod will provide:

  •  A dedicated office space at your home that is separate from your home, so you can focus on work while you’re working, and family when you’re not.
  •  Ergonomic and efficiently designed interior, conceptualised down to every detail with the working professional in mind.
  •  A light-filled and insulated space to work in peace and comfort.
  •  A beautiful standalone outdoor studio that looks good in any garden or backyard.

Plus, thanks to our flexible pricing options, owning a Harwyn is easier than you might think. Get in touch and we’ll explain how you can have your own architect-designed home office installed on your property.

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