Engineered for enjoyment

Architect designed and engineer certified, Harwyn pods make spending time in them comfortable, stylish and above all, enjoyable. They’re also completely sustainable and can house your entire working life, regardless of how and when the employment landscape changes.

Sitting at the kitchen table or on the couch with a laptop on your knees may seem like a reasonable work environment, but as time passes, you’ll be wishing you were in a work space engineered solely for you.

Prefabricated in a factory to reduce waste, the Harwyn is also low maintenance, leaving you to move your gear in and get to work without having to worry about anything else.

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As our story Surviving winter – Harwyn style highlighted in May, working from a Harwyn is supremely comfortable, a space you can enjoy spending time in and improving your productivity. Some of the engineered features include:

Comfort comes first

Year round, your Harwyn’s high-quality thermal insulation is built to lock in the heat and maintain a comfortable working temperature, with minimal energy expenditure.

Lots of light

German-made LED lighting, combined with our unique blind system, provides total lighting flexibility. And there is fantastic natural light in a Harwyn, meaning you might not even need to turn the lights on during the day.

A hardy exterior

The final touch to every Harwyn home office is the cladding. Developed and made in Germany, ACM provides your Harwyn with the long-lasting, low-maintenance protection it needs to ride out any storm in style.

Enjoy your working life in a Harwyn

Next time you’re typing away with your laptop on your knees, think of all of the ways a beautifully engineered Harwyn could make your working life more sustainable and enjoyable. Come and visit our Showroom to experience a new type of living firsthand.

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