We all work or play our way. For some people that means all they need is a desk. Others might require a little more space to spread out in their modular rooms. Lucky there’s four Harwyn sizes to choose from.

Harwyn ‘Mono’

Harwyn glow

Perfect for One – 2.2m W x 2.2m L

The Harwyn Mono is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in their creativity undisturbed. It’s the entry level Harwyn. A big space for one. A cosy space for two. If you want to make the most of your small backyard, courtyard or showroom then Harwyn Mono is for you. For pricing, visit the costs page.

Harwyn ‘Duo’


Duo’s company – 2.4m W x 3.32m L

The Harwyn Duo has been designed with versatility and collaboration in mind. Two people can work comfortably without getting in each other’s way – there’s even room for extra storage, a meeting table or a sofa. If you like to spread out, work from home with a partner or you just have a bit of extra space to play with, Harwyn Duo is for you. For pricing, visit the costs page.

Harwyn ‘Maxi’



Executive size – 3.15m W x 3.32m L

The Harwyn Maxi is the next size in the Harwyn range. If you’re looking for an executive-sized suite in your backyard, a large portable office or you are simply looking for a private contemplative space within a warehouse or showroom setting, Harwyn Maxi is for you. For pricing, visit the costs page.

Harwyn ‘Super Maxi’


Flexibility. Room for all – 3.15m W x 5.45m L

The Harwyn Super Maxi is the a step up in the Harwyn range. Maximum flexibility to allow you to work, create, or simply enjoy the serenity offered by such a majestic space. For pricing, visit the costs page.

Harwyn ‘Mega Maxi’


Ultimate flexibility. Room for all – 6.3m W x 10m L

The Harwyn Super Mega Maxi is the largest size in the Harwyn range and is fully modular so you can increase and add modules to form a size that suits. For pricing visit the costs page.

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