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Searching for the perfect prefab space? 5 questions to ask any provider.

Does your school need new learning spaces… fast?

If so, you’ll know that building a new learning space from scratch is just not an option given the time and disruption involved. Good thing there’s another way to go that’s not only faster – but more economical too. A prefab pod.

But with various prefab pod providers out there, how do you know which is a winner? To help you out, here are five questions to ask any company before signing on the dotted line.

1. Will the pods have quality acoustic insulation?

A prefabricated learning space should stand out. But not because of its echoing sound.

The last thing you want is for your students to step into a music pod or classroom and feel like they’re in a tin shed. Poor acoustics can be a major distraction.

Instead, the pod should be built with the highest quality acoustics.

At Harwyn, we’ve specifically designed our pods to ensure the most premium sound control. That’s why so many schools turn to us for classrooms and music rooms – again and again.

2. Can we personalise the pods?

If you want a pod that blends in with your school environment seamlessly, be sure you know how much design flexibility your provider can offer you.

An excellent pod provider will ensure the pods meet all your students’ needs – while also complementing your school’s existing colours and architecture.

Your pod should look like it’s meant to be there (not sticking out like a sore thumb).

Lastly, find out how flexible the pod design is. This includes modifications such as moving a door to another position.

3. Is it a premium structure?

Parents can be your pods’ biggest critics. So, you want to WOW them with your new learning spaces.

The answer? Premium structured pods with a modern and sleek exterior.

To know if the pod is a premium structure or not, ask about the quality of the building materials – as well as the maintenance required and expected longevity. A premium pod won’t need to be replaced in the next 5-10 years. It will last a lifetime of students learning within its walls.

To help you in your assessment, ask your provider to send you contact details of other schools who have secured their pods. A top-notch pod provider won’t shy away from this. They might even take you to a school to see the pods – first-hand.

4. How will the pod installation impact our students’ learning?

Students have had enough disruption over the past two years. The sound of loud drills and diggers shouldn’t add to this.

That’s why you should ask early on about how the pods are installed.

Is it time-consuming and noisy? Or will it interfere with our students’ learning?

Typically, prefabricated pods are best for a disruption free installation. That’s because they can be delivered and installed within a day.

Students may leave their classroom at the end of the day without even realising there’s a new facility on campus! Or you can schedule the installation on a weekend or in the school holidays.

A superstar pod provider will work around school hours because they know your students’ focus is top priority.

5. Is the provider responsive and professional?

It’s not just about finding the most stunning pod. You also want a positive relationship with the people who are designing, building and installing it for you.

So pay attention to those first emails or phone calls.

Is the company responsive and keen to chat with you? Are they taking the time to advise you so that you can make an informed decision?

A winning pod provider will be professional in every way. They’ll ask lots of questions – everything from your school culture to the colour palette of your school emblem.


Looking for a pod provider that ticks all the boxes? Harwyn excels on all fronts. We deliver sleek, ready-made spaces for schools across Australia. To learn more or for a custom quote, call 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996) – or enquire now.