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Meet the humans of Harwyn

When it comes to designing our premium pods, we select only the best materials. So it’s no surprise that our team includes only the most qualified, outstanding people. Here are the humans that make Harwyn.

Meet Jason – the mastermind behind Harwyn

Ten years ago, Jason had a grand ambition. He wanted to create something better than anyone had before.

And so Harwyn was born.

Jason is the brainchild behind Harwyn. But most of all, he’s a natural innovator – who blends his extensive technical expertise with a Japanese design sensibility.

After living and working in Japan for six years, it’s no surprise that Jason brings values of perfectionism and precision to Harwyn.

But what’s his ultimate vision for the company?

Looking forward, Jason wants to ensure the Harwyn brand is widely and unanimously synonymous with excellence. He wants every prospective customer to know, without a doubt, that Harwyn is the right choice – that the high expectations always match the high reality.

Meet Selwyn – the architectural powerhouse

It takes a talented architect to produce a Harwyn pod. It takes an architect like Selwyn.

Selwyn is the man with the design flair. He brings his deep architectural expertise and a whole-hearted passion for the pod design.

A qualified architect since 1968, Selwyn has had a prolific career, working primarily in the residential space.

So when Jason came to him for his architectural input in 2013, joining Harwyn was a no-brainer. Selwyn was particularly excited about the concept of prefabrication, as not a lot was happening in this sphere at the time. Ever since, Selwyn has been mentoring Jason and designing their timeless Harwyn pods.

His design philosophy is highly considered and detail-obsessed. As Selwyn jokes, ‘we’re building a Rolls Royce, not a shed you can buy at Bunnings’.

While a designer can get the job done, Selwyn is compelled to do more than just that. He wants to excite people into buying a pod – or as Selwyn sees it, ‘a sculpture that sits within the landscape’.

Meet Ralph – the technical whiz

If Selwyn is the design guru, Ralph is the man who makes it all happen.

A registered architect, who has been practising in Melbourne for more than 15 years, Ralph has experience working on all kinds of projects.

It was his loyal and long-standing partnership with Selwyn that brought Ralph to Harwyn. Here, he is primarily responsible for the research & development and technical execution. For any of the technical matters and more intricate sides of a project, Ralph is the one we turn to.

As Ralph notes, having architectural expertise on our team sets Harwyn apart, as most competitors simply don’t invest in this. They don’t take the design to the level of detail that he prides himself on achieving.

Meet Samantha – the glue that holds Harwyn together

Samantha is our marketing and project management pro who keeps everything running smoothly.

For the past 20 years, Sam has worked in event management – helping bring to life major events such as the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games and Sydney 2000 Olympics.

So it’s safe to say that Sam knows how to keep a ship sailing.

Whether it’s the mechanics behind an Olympic race or the details behind a Harwyn pod project, for Sam, ‘running events is like running projects’.

At Harwyn, she manages different marketing strategies and ensures all projects are operating just as they should. She brings a fresh voice to the team – and looks at every project through a strategic, innovative lens.

Like the rest of us, Sam can’t wait to see the unlimited possibilities on the Harwyn horizon. But for now, she loves being part of the Harwyn difference; where every customer is treated like they’re the only one.

Looking to have a home-office created by these talented minds? Our team is always here to chat. You can start building your dream pod by calling 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996) or sending an enquiry.