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Garden Pods George Clarke on Amazing SpacesTV

Harwyn Designer Garden Pods popped up in an unusual place last week – in an episode of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

The popular UK-based TV program, now in its third series and being shown in Australia on the Lifestyle Channel, gave a small nod to the innovative use of backyard space that Harwyn Designer Pods offer their owners.

You can view a snippet from the show below and catch a glimpse of a Harwyn garden pod.

Source: George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. Series 3, Episode 6. Produced by Plum Pictures, broadcast by Channel 4, UK.

A busy year for Harwyn in the media

Harwyn’s international cameo in Amazing Spaces is just the latest in a string of media appearances for 2014. The outdoor garden pods featured in the Herald Sun in May, on a New York-based Inhabitat weblog and starred in a Renegade Collective Magazine spread earlier this year. See more of ‘Harwyn in the media‘.

Garden Pod

What is a Garden Pod?

Garden Pods come in many shapes and sizes and can be used in a variety of ways. Some of the most common uses for our Australian made pods are home offices when used in a residential setting. To learn more about the variety and different size pods available, visit the models page.

If you are a working from home professional and are looking to add a Garden Pod as a way to separate your home life from your work life, visit the Harwyn Professional range page here.

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